Essential Items You Need in New DLF Privana North Apartment

The apartments in DLF Privana North are meticulously designed and spacious for the residents to ensure living in comfort and grandeur. The amenities in the residential project are ultra-luxurious and enable the dwellers to maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It has verdant green spaces, and the thinly populated area ensures a pollution-free environment. The location of Sectors 76 And 77 is rapidly developing and has great connectivity with all premium commercial places near Gurgaon.

All these features make DLF Privana North, the most sought-after residential property in Gurgaon. The apartments in the housing property come with modular kitchen and beautiful bath fittings. All those who are ready to shift into their own beautiful abode have to make some arrangements. They must paint the home with their own personalized colors when they shift. Here is the list of necessary items, you need to shift in your new home in DLF Privana North.

Basic Kitchen Utensils

Although the kitchen has most of the equipment and appliances fitted with it, you need basic kitchen utensils. You need to bring crockery, basic cooking utensils, and organizers for your kitchen in DLF Privana North. You can check in the market for the best kitchen organizers suiting your needs because every family has different eating habits.

Essential Storage Solutions

Although the apartments in DLF Privana North in Sectors 76 And 77 come with well-equipped cabinetry, still you need some organizers. You should look for cabinet organizers, storage like bookshelves, and other boxes to store some furnishing items. Organizing the cabinetry is essential to keep it tidy and find everything whenever you need it in no time.


Proper Bed with Mattresses

The bedrooms in the apartments in DLF Privana North are spacious and well-ventilated in which you can fit any kind and size of bed. So, you have to choose the bed you like the most with the mattresses. Also, pick a couch and side tables for your bedroom.

Sofas And Dining Table

Even a 2BHK apartment in DLF Privana North has ample space for a sofa and dining table. Choose the sofa and dining table that you like the most, but do not forget that the colors of the dining table and sofa should complement the colors of your walls. Select the corners and directions in which you want to set both these things in advance and then buy them to make them fit best in your new home.

Bathroom Essentials

You need a wide range of bathroom essentials in your new home like a broom, mop, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. Other than these you would need a bathmat to absorb the access water when you leave the bathtub and a set of towels. Once you visit the apartment in DLF Privana North in Sectors 76 And 77 and check the bathrooms, you will get an idea about everything.

Home Furnishings

In your new apartment, you will need a wide range of home furnishings to make it a better place for you. Choose the furnishings like curtains, rugs, dining table mats, and cushion covers. It’s better to choose curtains of thick fabric and dark shades and other furnishing items in the shades that complement your home.

Room Dividers

Room dividers help to artistically divide the spaces without making them look smaller. You can use dividers to separate dining and living spaces. You can also use dividers to create a peaceful and separate space for prayers or meditation.


When you prepare to shift to your new home in DLF Privana North in Sectors 76 And 77, make a list of all these things and pick each of them with enough deliberation. Also, make sure that everything suits your lifestyle and complements the interiors of your home. If you have not visited DLF Privana North yet, you must contact the sales executive to learn more about the project and visit the site to witness the grandeur of the place yourself.

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