Benefits Of Buying a Second Home in DLF Privana North

Buying a second home is common among people seeking real estate investment but not everybody considers it seriously. When people settle in their first home, they feel contented and sometimes they feel they have done with buying real estate property. Most buyers in DLF Privana North are second-home buyers because they do not want to miss a chance to invest in a lucrative real estate property.

Most people think of investing in shares, gold, and stocks because they find it easy to buy them and think that these things offer them better returns. But, investing in a second home can offer them far better while making them financially secure. You must not stop planning to buy a second home after you have settled in your first home because of various reasons. Let’s have a look at the benefits of buying a second home in DLF Privana North –

  1. Investment Portfolio Diversification 

You get to diversify your investment portfolio. You must have every type of asset in your portfolio. Most of the intangible investment options come with market risk and you are always warned with this statement when you plan to buy them. However, you should make them part of your portfolio because your second home is not subject to market risk and strikes the balance in your portfolio when the market goes down or crashes.

  1. Enjoy a range of Tax Benefits

Your second home gets you tax benefits in many ways enabling you to save money simultaneously when you are earning in the form of passive income. You get benefits like 2 lakh INR in accordance with section 24B, and 1.5 lakh INR in accordance with section 80C. You can take these benefits on your income tax with the condition that the loan you have borrowed, should be under your name. At the same time, there may be a condition when you are buying your second. You should check with the financial institutions regarding the benefits. You can take all these benefits when you buy a second home in DLF Privana North.

  1. Getaway Property

Your second home can serve you as a getaway property as you can have your own home to get some change in life and spend holidays. Buying a second home in DLF Privana North makes it even better because you can enjoy a wide range of benefits as modern amenities and facilities in the residential project. It offers you high-end amenities which can double the joy of your holidays. Also, professional maintenance services take care of all your maintenance services and you don’t have to worry about your home when you are away.

DLF Privana

  1. Increasing Your Financial Security

Your second home increases your financial security because you can sell the home whenever you have a financial emergency. The additional benefit of investing in DLF Privana North for a second home is that the DLF properties always have a healthy demand and you can sell your property like a hot cake anytime you want.

In another condition, you can also make your second home a medium-for-generating passive income as rent. Again, finding a tenant for DLF Privana North is not a big deal rather the property is the preferred choice of tenants because they get the benefits of connectivity and modern amenities.

  1. Building Wealth for Retirement

It can prove to be the best asset for you after your retirement. You can consider your second home for retirement planning and ensure that you spend your old age in luxury and peace. DLF Privana North is perfect for such investment because it offers you the benefits of community living. You will feel connected with the people while you will able to take benefits of healthcare facilities in the vicinity. It will be a great place to enjoy with your children when they come to meet you on their vacations as the residential project has the provisions to entertain people of all ages.


Buying a second home gives you a wide range of benefits. You will have another location to shift to if you change your job or want some better facilities. People who are settled in other cities should buy a second home in Gurgaon because it is the most thriving city in Delhi/NCR. Please inquire for more information about DLF Privana North and also visit DLF Privana West to ensure it is the best residential option to invest in Gurgaon.

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